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Useful information for visitors in Ciudad del Este

Vanguardia Newspaper, committed to the economic development of the region, offers on this special page information about the public institutions that must look after tourists rights.

Consumer Protection

It is a department that depends on the Municipality of Ciudad del Este and which is in charge of looking after consumer rights. Its office is located downtown, on Pioneros del Este Avenue, opposite the premises of the company COPACO, next to the City Council.
The office receives reports Mondays through Fridays from 7.00 to 13.00. You can also call at (061) 500805, if you have any doubt.
To report a swindle or violation of other rights, the victim has to provide their details and a photocopy of their ID card. Besides, proof of payment (an invoice or receipt) and information about the company or commercial establishment where the event to be reported took place.

Policía Turística

It is a division of the National Police set up exclusively to attend to the cases concerned with tourists. All the reports have to be informed to the Public Prosecutor´s Office (when they are about a swindle, extortion or some other punishable event). The problems of overcharging or product guarantees are reported to the Consumer Protection Department.
The office is located on the second floor of the Customs building, in the primary zone of the Friendship Bridge. It is open 24 hours a day.
You can also call at (061) 502715, if you have any doubt.

The National Police

The nearest section to the center of Ciudad del Este is the First Police Station, located in San Agustin Neighborhood.
The reports can also be made there and the officers have the obligation to inform them to the Public Ministry or the Consumer Protection Department for the corresponding intervention.
You can also call at (061) 512443, if you have any doubt.

For further information about Ciudad del Este such as accommodation, means of transportation and tourist attractions in Paraguay, visit the National Tourism Secretariat (SENATUR).

An information office of SENATUR is located at the Customs building, in the primary zone of the Friendship Bridge. It is open 24 hours a day Mondays through Sundays, even on days off and public holidays.


You can also call at (061) 511626, if you have any doubt.

Useful phone numbers

  • Vanguardia Newspaper: (021) 4151 574 / (0975) 530004
  • Consumer Protection Department: (061) 500805
  • Fire Department: 132
  • The National Police Emergency: 911
  • First Police Station – The National Police: (061) 512443
  • Tourist Police: (061) 502715
  • Regional Hospital of CDE: (061) 506710

To call Paraguay, dial +595 plus the city´s area code and the phone number.

For example: +595 21 4151 575

To call from another country, see the following link